Client Reviews

“My son just can’t stop licking his fingers when he eats their jam or honey …..just love to see him enjoying it.”

Sejal Khokhani Shah

“For a person who hates jams, I can’t get enough of the strawberry conserve! 🙂 “

Aanchal Aggarwal

“Delicious! can’t wait to try the cooking sauces but I’m sure they will be as good as the jam.”

Karen Levi Borley

“Really tasty! Goes well with a Mexican rice bowl :)”

Amazon Customer

“The best Pasta sauce and other products that India has to offer…..amazing products …each and every one from K’s Kitchen.”

Anand Dalwani

“I came across this from the Big Basket supply of Happy Chef products, made by the same company. When Big Basket ran out of stock, I ordered this from Pune Farmer’s Market website. It is a superb garnish and has just that right combination of tang and the mustard zing which makes it interesting.”

Hari S

“Eggless Mayonnaise from the Pune Farmers market was the only product that in my opinion needs to be improved upon as far as taste is concerned. Terrific effort in bringing a whole lot of product lineup.”

Tin Soldier

“The product is very well packaged. However while I expected it to have a little bit of chilli zing, it was somewhat tame. The vinegar from the chilli sauce made it more sour than I would prefer. The wholegrain mustard that they sell without the chilli is superb.”

Hari S

“Delicious on a chapati. Most tomato sauces we have tried are quite spicy. This one is mild :)”

Amazon Customer

“Amazing Mustard!
So Good as it has that strong grain mustard flavor and more. I use it on my sandwiches as well as a marinade and have to say I’m not disappointed. Great product and a huge thank you to K’s Kitchen on the prompt and safe delivery of this delicious product.”

Conrad Rebello

“Was sooo yummyyyy and spicy … love it.”


“Really love most of their products especially the Tikka Mayo, Singapore Chilli Garlic and Pineapple Tender Coconut. Looking forward to see if they come up with some new creations this year!”

Imaleen Deka